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When the weather in Corvallis, OR begins messing around with the temperature levels in your house, you can sustain better control over these variances by insulating your property. The spray foam insulation utilized by Over and Above Insulation’s contractors is chosen with great care for the job you have in mind. There is quite a few rewards you can enjoy by having your residence insulated, such as a reduction in environmental noise, additional protection against pests and mold, as well as being able to keep the entire home warm throughout winter. Over and Above Insulation is one of the few organizations that can make the daring claim of being an innovator in the foam insulation sector. If you are interested in making arrangements for a free appraisal for your house within Corvallis, OR, then give us a ring at 888-483-6664 right now.

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Sound Baffling and Improved Temperature Regulation for Your Household

Proficiently taking care of this undertaking from beginning to end is fundamental, and is without question something which the insulation contractors with Over and Above Insulation specialize in. We further make sure that each and every project is phenomenal by including each of our customers in the planning and operation stages. While preparing for your foam insulation project, we will make sure that it’ll fit perfectly within the agreed upon financial budget, and timeframe for conclusion.

Our bonded and insured insulation contractors in Corvallis, OR deliver the following core services on time and on budget:

  • Site evaluation: we’ll have our very best contractors meticulously assess your household to determine how much insulating it will cost.
  • Proper product selection: picking the right spray foam insulation materials for the job is extremely important for its success.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship: you can bet your life that we’ll finish the job as close to perfection as possible
  • Client courtesy: we aren’t the type of individuals who leave potentially dangerous materials lying around after the work day, so don’t be surprised to see us cleaning up immediately after work day’s over.

To further eliminate the hazards of unfortunate accidents, our business only employs Class 1/Class A fire rated attic insulation , which essentially implies that you won’t have to worry about our materials setting fire to your home. Over and Above Insulation has stayed steadfast to its remarkable methodology for serving its clients since its establishment, and continues to enhance its insulation application tactics for the greater good of future customers. Our contractors receive on-going training with the newest foams and application methods, so you benefit from the newest industry standards and practices.

We are very happy with our quality control and our safety record in Corvallis, Oregon. Call up Oregon-based Over and Above Insulation at 888-483-6664 to avail the best insulation services in all of Corvallis today.

How Can Spray Foam Insulation Help You?

By quickly surveying the majority of the individuals in Corvallis, Oregon, you would likely be led to believe that fiberglass insulation is your only choice. However, a new type of insulation has hit the Corvallis, OR promote over the last several years, which is frequently referred to as spray foam insulation. In comparison to fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation is much stronger, yet it only weighs a fraction as much. Those of you in Corvallis who are always looking for ways to make your house or business more energy efficient will love this type of insulation. Call the experts with Over and Above Insulation at 888-483-6664 if you would like to find out more about the advantages spray foam insulation provides over fiberglass.


Fiberglass insulation that is found in the greater part of Corvallis, OR homes and business is very inefficient considering its thickness. The issue with fiberglass insulation is that it can promote mold growth when moist and it does not take much to tear it. Another significant problem with traditional insulation is it does not have the ability to seal off gaps around outlets. We have discovered that these open gaps can equate to the size of a window. To put it simply, fiberglass insulation literally tosses your cash out the window. Fort Oglethorpe insulation is yet another location we service therefore don’t hesitate to browse the other major cities.

Seals Better than Standard Insulation

Spray foam insulation also forms a much stronger seal in comparison to fiberglass insulation. When you think about it, fiberglass insulation is basically stuffed between the frames of a Corvallis, OR home or business’ wall. However, spray foam insulation’s distinctive application procedure enables it to correctly fill the gap.

Handles Moisture Correctly

Even though the snug seal and durability found in spray foam insulation are excellent benefits for people in Corvallis, OR, the best part is that it is moisture resistant. Once fiberglass insulation has come into contact with water, mold growth will undoubtedly be on the horizon. When water comes into contact with spray foam insulation, on the other hand, it is soaked up and discharged correctly. When you have close friends or relatives in other areas including insulation Summerville, make them aware that we present options all around U.S.

Considering the rising cost of utility bills, it is quite common to notice Corvallis, OR home and business owners searching for ways to make their house or business as energy efficient as possible. The installment of energy-efficient kitchen appliances, doors and windows are a common place to begin . It is true that energy-efficient appliances, doors and windows will reduce utility bills but the majority of the money you are spending is actually energy escaping through worn out insulation. As a result, individuals should consider the addition of spray foam insulation before spending money on new doors, windows and appliances that will not conserve that much money. Call our spray foam specialists from Over and Above Insulation at 888-483-6664 to get a free estimate.

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